GCH CH Git-R-Done At Desert Breeze
Sire:  CH Daystar’s Elite Eliot
Dam:  Daystar’s One Brief Shinning Moment
Whelped: 06/25/2011

Call Name “Larry”

Our sweet boy passed away in December of 2022.  It was an incredible loss and he will forever be in our hearts.


Pedigree of GCH CH Git-R-Done At Desert Breeze “Larry”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

CH Daystar’s Elite Eliot

CH Madaka’s Bully Idol CH Twin Lakes Augie’s Doggy
CH Show Me Flying Nun Of Madaka
CH Daystar’s Priscilla CH Daystar’s Orion Of Gradon
Daystar’s Sophia

Daystar’s One Brief Shining Moment

CH Daystars Highlander Fancibul CH Fancibul’s Dubl Dawg Dare
CH Fancibul Up Above the World
CH Daystars Jessica Ch Twin Lakes EZ Rider
CH Daystar’s Olivia Of Airies